Dream about seeing yourself in secondary school

Dream about Seeing Yourself In Secondary School indicates the holidays, festivities and the season of giving. You are so focused on your goals that you are leaving behind the people around you. You will experience some positive changes in your life. The dream is a portent for your individualism and qualities that sets your apart from others. You are enjoying life and its beat.

See in your dream suggests feelings of helplessness. You are feeling distant from your girlfriend/boyfriend. You are not able to escape from the daily responsibilities of your life. The dream indicates your maturing mindset. Perhaps you are afraid of hearing some truth.

Secondary in your dream is your desire to be in a committed relationship or to be married. You can no longer continue on in the same course and must make drastic changes. Perhaps you are in a state of depression or wallowing in your negative feelings. The dream denotes your vulnerabilities and weaknesses. You need to resolve your feelings with those who have passed on.

School in this dream expresses your tendency to go with the crowd. You are not really expressing how you really feel. You are holding and keeping your feelings to yourself. This dream is a harbinger for a situation or relationship that you need to soothe over. You need to exercise control in your life.

Dreaming of See and Secondary and School

See and Secondary indicates virginity, lust and sensuality. You are experiencing a spectrum of emotions. You need to be more disciplined in certain aspects of your life. Your dream is a metaphor for determination, practicality, stubbornness, perseverance and willpower. You need to clear your mind and free yourself of certain emotions that are weighing you down.

Dream About Seeing School is a premonition for your status in society and sense of belong. You are on the right path. You are saying one thing, but you actually mean something else. The dream points at a unified whole. It is time to call up old friends and catch up with what they are all up to.

Dream About Secondary School is clarity. Your thought process or mind is clouded. You are going against the masses and expressing your own personal freedom. The dream refers to healing powers and qualities. You are keeping your true feelings inside.

Dream about Seeing Yourself In Secondary School is a premonition for your compassion for those who are less fortunate. You are headed on the wrong path. You are being held back from fully expressing yourself. The dream is a hint for the impression or image that you want to project to others. You are able to steer something toward a direction.

Sometimes, dream about seeing yourself in secondary school is about discordance and trouble in your life. You are not being noticed or recognized for what is important to you. You are not letting aspects and characteristics of a person to be expressed within you. Your dream is sadly a warning signal for a situation in your life that has left you speechless. You may be lacking spiritual enrichment and sensual expression.

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Skalo Chidiebere

I’m done with secondary school but I see myself in one with my juniors I’m just wondering what this dream is all about


My dream I was in a secondary school waiting to be admitted

Okakpu Chidimma

I saw myself in my secondary School but the uniform has changed,I was currently wearing the new one,I was playing with one of my classmates in the school while playing with her I lost one of my shoes the left leg I looked for it I didn’t see it again I was only seeing right leg


dreaming being in my secondary school holding my matric results ,talking of up grading them in another school / college


I have finished secondary school but I see my self in the dream while in secondary school writing exam this time not on school uniform but on suit, scoring 56/60.


Saw my self in my secondary school on welcome back day and I am don with secondary school since 2009 in the hostel arranging my stuffs and my friend asking me to give her what I use for my face cos my face was soo smooth and popping.


I am done with secondary school 10yrs ago but i saw myself I’m the same school standing outside the classroom door with shoppings from my hands
, the mathematics lesson was ongoing and I was waiting for the teacher to open me the door.


I dreamt of being in my school and in the dream,me and my friends removed curtain rods from the class cos we think it was harmful ,we started running around the school compound and I was the only one they caught
When we got to the office ,I saw my former class teacher and I begged her to help me but she refused saying stuff like I did not appreciate her by giving her money