Dream about sell

Dream about Sell indicates your reserves. You are feeling insecure, either emotionally or physically. You are being particularly sarcastic. This dream means your negative feelings about a relationships. You have a lot that you need to get off your mind.

Sell is a message for friction, stemming from disagreements or from different ways of doing things. You need to study and evaluate your situation before taking action. You are in denial about some issue or problem. Your dream hints your need to belong and your need to feel protected. You need some qualities that you need to achieve your goals.

Dream about Sell [the activity of persuading someone to buy] stands for an unwelcome guest. You are feeling insecure about your physical appearance. You have been played or taken advantage of. The dream is about some mental problem. Perhaps there is some talent or skill that you want to keep secret from others.

Dream about Sell [exchange or deliver for money or its equivalent] signifies your influence for some favor or decision. You are headed down an undesirable path. You may be neglecting your relationship. Your dream draws attention to your sympathy toward others. You need to raise your goals and set your sights higher.

Dream about Sell [be sold at a certain price or in a certain way] is a signal for authority, direction and judgment. You are feeling guilty or ashamed for your actions. You need to be careful not to overindulge in too many excesses. This dream hints something that you are holding onto for too long. You need to accept the consequences of your actions.

Dream about Sell [persuade somebody to accept something] suggests egotism, deceit or pride. You may be questioning the decisions you have made. You need to be more grounded. The dream points at your willpower. You need to look toward the future instead of reliving the past.

Dream about Deal [do business; offer for sale as for one’s livelihood] represents a newly developing relationship or idea in your life. You are protected against some negativity in your life. You need to improve your diet and take better care of yourself. The dream points to criticism and gossip. It is time to open your eyes and not allow yourself to be stepped on.

Dream about Sell [give up for a price or reward] is a message for an end to a habit or behavior. You are acting inappropriately in some situation. You need to find closure. The dream points to a regression to an earlier state. You have a skewed perspective or outlook on things.

Dream about Sell [be approved of or gain acceptance] expresses of emotional or relationship problems. You are spending so much time playing a game or watching TV. Material fortune and gain may be interfering with your spirituality. This dream means your desire to be in a committed relationship or to be married. You tend to keep your emotions inside, it is finding expression in a violent way.

Dream about Sell [be responsible for the sale of] is a hint for a loss of power. You don’t know how to relate to a person. Perhaps you are interfering into situations and things that are none of your business. The dream is a sign for something in your own inner nature that is pure, vulnerable, helpless and uncorrupted. Perhaps you feel that you are not getting through to others or that they are not understanding you.

Dream about Betray [deliver to an enemy by treachery] symbolises feelings of being lost or uprooted in your life. Perhaps there is a quality or characteristic that you need to rid yourself of. You need to learn to think for yourself and be your own person. Your dream is a hint for someone around you who is unexpectedly vocal. You feel that your life is headed no where.

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