Dream about sitting in a boat

Dream about Sitting In A Boat is a hint for your life partner or soul mate. You will overcome your obstacles and find a resolution to a conflict. You are speaking your mind and letting your voice be heard. Your dream is sometimes energy, effort, encouragement and motivation. You feel that an important aspect of your life is over.

Sitting In A Boat is about a need for enjoyment and sensual pleasure. There is something you are hiding. You are feeling unclean about a situation. The dream is an indication for an underground community. You feel free to express yourself in a situation.

Dreaming of Sit and Boat

Sit in your dream is an evidence for your brash and hard exterior. You are trying to take shortcuts. You need to think twice about committing to a relationship. The dream means your physical limitations and boundaries. You are experiencing upward mobility or progressing toward your goals.

Sit in this dream expresses your thirst for knowledge or information. You are being overwhelmed by somedominant female in your life. You are being hard headed about some issue. The dream symbolises some hidden negativity that you have toward someone in your life. An aspect of yourself needs to be set free.

Boat in dream is your hot and quick temper. You are considering the positives and negatives of a situation. You are feeling victimized or powerless. This dream is a signal for your ability to defend yourself in a situation. You are leaving behind your inhibitions.

Boat dream is a portent for a broken relationship or a rift in a friendship. A person is in desperate need for an outlet to express himself or herself. You need to chill-out or calm-down. This dream draws attention to either access or restriction. Your subconscious tries to get your attention.

Dream about both “Sit” and “Boat” is a premonition for a person who you view as cold-blooded, fearful, or thick-skinned. Your hard work and effort will pay off in the end. You don’t understand where others are coming from and feel that their perspective is skewed. The dream suggests your feelings of shame and guilt. You are burdening others with your problems and putting a strain on the relationship.

Dream about sitting in a boat is a metaphor for hidden power. You are toying with somebody’s feelings. You may be experiencing a new way of thinking. Your dream denotes the dualities of your personality – the persona you show to the world and your true Self. You need to indulge yourself in life’s pleasure.

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