Dream about skiing

Dream about Skiing represents hidden aspects of yourself that you need to confront or acknowledge. Economizing will help you through difficult times. You have gone too far. Your dream signifies some hidden, mysterious aspect of yourself. You need to let out your inhibitions and animalistic desires.

Skiing is an evidence for your desire for anonymity in a situation. You are suppressing some old habit or denying yourself of something. You need to take control of your animalistic forces and primal urges. The dream denotes some burden or responsibility that you are carrying around. You need to make your opinions and views known.

Dream about Skiing [a sport in which participants must travel on skis] denotes regret over some stinging remarks and hurtful words that you said. You may be pestered by a problem or obstacle. You need to be in control of your own destiny. The dream is an omen for your material concerns and possessions. You are looking down on somebody.

Dream about Ski [move along on skis] is a clue for your fear over something you heard. You are confronting some uncomfortable emotions. You need a temporary change to your daily routine. The dream is an evidence for sudden changes in a situation. You are shielded from the cold or from poverty.

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