Dream about small waves

Dream about Small Waves refers to tears and heartaches. You are feeling connected so someone. You are feeling complete and whole. This dream is about mistrust and insecurities. You are ready to make a fresh new start.

Small Waves is a harbinger for a new opportunity, a new relationship, or a new attitude toward life. You need to give appreciation to those who have helped you along the way. You need to respect your past and where you came from. The dream is an evidence for peace of mind. You will overcome the difficulties you are experiencing in your current life.

Dreaming of Small and Wave

Small in your dream is an omen for your impulsive behavior. You will encounter obstacles, questions and difficulties, but it is necessary for growth and progress. Your habits and negative ways are hindering your growth. This dream signals the search for Self. You are being catapulted to a position of power in which you do not yet know how to deal with.

Small in this dream points to something that needs beautifying. You need to be more receptive to some new idea, situation, relationship or person. You are looking for a resolution to some conflict in your daily life. The dream denotes your need for an escape or vacation. You need to develop yourself on a mental and spiritual level.

Wave in dream is a portent for your reaction to some situation. The presence of someone that you loved is with your spiritually, even though he/she may not be with you physically. Perhaps you are not utilizing your full potential. Your dream signals a situation where you feel you have no control of or that you are physically helpless. You are in a state of contentment and satisfaction.

Wave dream is a message for a situation where you need to be on your best behavior. You may feel inhibited in voicing your opinion and how you really feel. You need to rid something that is holding you back. This dream is your fear in the outcome of some decision or project. You need to be more decisive.

Dream about both “Small” and “Wave” states some negative emotions or anger that is directed at you, but you are oblivious to. You or someone in your life has an inflated ego and need to be taught a lesson. You are busy tending to the needs of others and ignoring your own needs. This dream hints something that is lacking or missing from your life. There is something you didn’t realize you needed or that there is something missing from your life.

Dream about small waves states introspection. You are moving away from only looking out for yourself to caring for somebody else. You need to start looking within yourself and trust your instincts. Your dream points to self-punishment and self-blame. Perhaps you have misbehaved to somebody and are expressing your regrets.

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