Dream about smell feces

Dream about Smell Feces points to an emotional outlet to help ease your mind. You are cautious about what you share with others. You are adapting well to a current situation. Your dream is a symbol for success in love. You are displaying your aggressive nature.

Smell Feces is about qualities and feelings of somebody that you desire for yourself. A loved one was taken before their time and you never got a chance to say a proper good bye. You have discovered something valuable about yourself. This dream stands for your respect and adoration for your friend. You are receptive to new experiences.

Dreaming of Smell and Feces

Smell in your dream expresses the sun, the moon and the five main planets. A person is in desperate need for an outlet to express himself or herself. Something is out of order (not working). Your dream is about financial worries and concerns. You are ready to give up your basic, carnal desires for spiritual pursuits and enlightenment.

Smell in this dream is an omen for your mobility and adaptability to situations in life. You are either trying to get to your subconscious and access its insights. You have processed some ideas and gained knowledge from it. This dream points at a person who is very stubborn. Perhaps you are in a rut.

Feces in dream signals a flaw or weakness in your thinking. You need to devote more time to a relationship, family duties, project, or other situation. You need to show more restraint in some aspect of your life. Your dream is a signal for an issue that you need to address immediately before it gets to a critical state. You need to let go of the past or certain negative behaviors.

Feces dream represents abundance, prosperity, humility, longevity and gratitude. You need to show some restraint before reacting. You do not ask for much to make you happy. Your dream expresses your desires to be noticed. You are overly controlling.

Dream about both “Smell” and “Feces” draws attention to a lack of individuality and creativity. There is a void in your life and it is waiting to be filled. You have poor time management. This dream indicates your senseless spending. There may be some unfinished business that still has yet to be resolved.

Dream about smell feces symbolises the emotions that you are keeping inside. You have a keen sense of smell. You need to be nurtured and to feel special. This dream is vigor and life energy. You are undecided between two choices you have to make.

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