Dream about snake eating frog

Dream about Snake Eating Frog expresses how your life is going and how you are able to handle life’s problems. You are successfully balancing different aspects of your life. You are keeping your feelings inside. Your dream is an indication for your warmth and approachability. Some significant event is preventing you from achieving your goals.

Snake in your dream is a hint for repressed desires and unexpressed emotions that are on the verge of exploding or bursting if not dealt with soon. You are in someone else’s shadow. You need to learn to appreciate the things you have. Your dream hints release of some pent up or repressed feelings. You feel you are stuck.

Eating dream is sometimes someone who is dear to you. You have a perceived superiority over others. You need to be careful of who you put your trust in. Your dream means a sense of loss in your own identity. You are seeking acceptance or approval.

Frog in this dream draws attention to your standing in life. Perhaps you wished you had taken a different path in your life. Your goal is within close grasp. This dream symbolises self-doubt in your own abilities. You need to be more cautious in some situation.

Dreaming of Snake and Eating and Frog

Dream About Snake Eating states luxury. You need to take some time out for pleasure and leisurely activity. You are going out of your way to please others. This dream symbolises your sensual desires and temptations. Life is going well for you.

Dream About Snakes Frog is a metaphor for the past or a passage of time. You are involved in a slightly sticky situation. You are taking pleasure in someone else’s misfortune or bad luck. This dream denotes your support system in your new endeavor. You are going back and forth on some choice.

Dream About Eating Frogs expresses purification and the healing process. You are evaluating your goals and your means to achieve them. You are attempting to protect yourself from your emotions and actions. This dream is your optimism and social altruism. You are born again.

Dream about Snake Eating Frog indicates your idealistic notions of what a leader should be. You are taking advantage of others. You are in deep contemplation about your own emotions or relationships. Your dream is a harbinger for your ability to move and traverse through life with relative ease. You are feeling alienated and disconnected.

Sometimes, dream about snake eating frog is a symbol for feelings of inadequacy, uncertainty and a lack of self-esteem. You feel that you may not be measuring up to the expectation of others. There is a problem that you cannot solve or a decision that is weighing on your mind. This dream is about someone in your life who is lazy, slow or gentle. You are feeling awkward and insecure.

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Dream of snake with frog in his mouth but frog gets away


In my dream, a yellow snake eats a yellow frog. I’m pleased by the beauty of the snake.