Dream about someone bare feet

Dream about Someone Bare Feet expresses your tendency to hold on and cling to your childhood. You have the power and knowledge to unlock the contents of your subconscious. You are feeling threatened in your life. The dream is a premonition for your backbone and the things that hold you up. You need to express your creative side more.

Someone in your dream is a portent for your need to be more accessible to others. There are many layers to your personality that you need to get through in order to unveil what is truly underneath. You are confronting some emotional issue or dealing with your subconscious. The dream hints a fear of being found out or caught in the act. You are trying to escape from some current situation.

Bare in your dream is a harbinger for many major obstacles and challenges that you have to overcome. You are clinging on to the past or to some false hope. You are trying to discover your own place in the world. The dream denotes a conflict between the opposites of your psyche. You may need to put forth a little more effort toward some relationship.

Foot in this dream is a metaphor for your indecisiveness and self doubt. You are looking for reassurance or reaffirmation from others. You need to put your ideas into action. Your dream suggests the consequences of your words and what you say about others. You are refusing to acknowledge some negative parts of yourself.

Dreaming of Someone and Bare and Foot

Someone and Bare is an evidence for your solid character and leadership ability. Someone is preventing you from knowing the truth. You will accomplish your tasks with great success. Your dream is a clue for your family line, generations and tradition, as well as innocence and purity. You are in need of a major change in your life.

Dream About Someone Feet is an evidence for your need to acknowledge your sensual side. You are still keeping up a protective barrier between you and others. You need to enjoy life to the fullest. This dream is a premonition for how you feel about the surrounding. You are doing something that will be good for everybody.

Dream About Bare Feet signals control of your subconscious. You are suppressing your thoughts and feelings. Your integrity is being called into question. The dream symbolises your personality. You need to move on.

Dream about Someone Bare Feet is a metaphor for your personality, your character and your inner sense of well being. You are feeling physically drained due to stress. There is an imbalance between work and pleasure. Your dream stands for your tenacity and work ethic. You are achieving new heights and overcoming your fears.

Sometimes, dream about someone bare feet is a hint for your vulnerability, confusion and frailty. Your feminine side is being overshadowed. You should not keep your feelings inside. This dream is unfortunately a silly or confusing situation. You are numb by the things around you.

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