Dream about someone covering their face

Dream about Someone Covering Their Face signifies your day to day support system. Your transition will be an emotional one. You are going with the flow. This dream is about your thought process. You are part of a love triangle where you are in love with the same person.

Someone in your dream is an omen for your need to grow and expand. You fear uncertainty. You are being mislead in some aspect of your relationship. Your dream is a sign for repressed memories of child abuse. Your goals are within grasp.

Cover dream is a sign for old age and issues about aging. Others are meddling in your life and interfering with your life path. You are letting your anger control your actions. Your dream is a portent for your acceptance or others, your interpersonal relationships and how you behave in your social life. You are looking for a resolution to some conflict in your daily life.

Face in this dream is a metaphor for your desire to be helpful and supportive to others. You need to get to the bottom of some matter. There is something you are not confronting or are refusing to see. Your dream draws attention to your attitudes with death and your sense of mortality. You need to acknowledge your inner child.

Dreaming of Someone and Cover and Face

Someone and Cover is an evidence for new beginnings, rebirth and longevity. You are acknowledging your need for help. Perhaps you are seeking protection from the elements. Your dream suggests love, friendship, ambition or pleasure in your life. Perhaps you have misbehaved to somebody and are expressing your regrets.

Dream About Someone With No Face hints your mind and its flowing thoughts. You are feeling apprehensive about something. Although some feelings may appear minor, it is worthwhile to address them before it erupts unexpectedly. This dream is a signal for an emotional or intimate connection with a person. You are overestimating the strength of something.

Cover and Face signals an awakening of your spirituality and renewed energy. There is some good in everyone. You are looking for acknowledgement for a job well done. This dream is a portent for an idea has been developing or will take to develop. There is something you are hiding.

Dream about Someone Covering Their Face is a message for the way you feel about a person. You need to move on and let go. It is time to take action. Your dream is a symbol for knowledge, wisdom and your need for guidance. You want to rekindle some relationship.

Sometimes, dream about someone covering their face indicates declining hopes and disappointments in your search for love. You are feeling sorry for yourself and letting your own negative thinking take over your frame of mind. Your hidden desires can no longer be contained and must be acknowledged or expressed. The dream is sadly a warning alert for your inner desire to be sheltered, nourished and protected from life’s problems. Someone want to help you work through your problems.

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