Dream about someone putting their arm around you

Dream about Someone Putting Their Arm Around You states a polarizing issue in your life. You are being caught off guard or caught by and surprised. Perhaps there is something that you need to think carefully about. Your dream is a metaphor for serenity, peace of mind and rejuvenation. Your worries over a certain matter will soon be swept away.

Someone in your dream is a signal for hidden danger or hostility. You are standing up for what believe even though you are going against the majority. Perhaps you are moving painfully slowly toward a goal. This dream represents your primal instincts and reactions toward life, food, etc. You are going through an obstacle course.

Put dream denotes control over your emotions. There is something or someone you need to face. You need to be less arrogant and assertive in your situations. This dream is about selfishness or the feeling of not getting your fair share. Some part of your life is out of balance.

Arm in this dream is a message for your subordinate role. You are breaking down gender roles. You are trying to relive parts of your past. The dream refers to aspects of your subconscious. Perhaps you are angry with someone or at something.

Dreaming of Someone and Put and Arm

Someone and Put refers to your tendency to hold on and cling to your childhood. You are speechless over some news. Our goals in life have changed. The dream means a positive attitude and high self-confidence. You are a non-conformist.

Dream About Someone With No Arms is a metaphor for your self confidence. Your emotions are erupting in an unexpected or violent way. The relationship is moving to a new level to which you are expressing some anxiety and fears about the changing situation. Your dream refers to creation, imagination and new ideas. You are walking through a new phase of life.

Put and Arm expresses the balance between your objective thinking and your emotions. You need to look to the future. You are rising above a situation. The dream is a portent for triumph and a great accomplishment. You are experiencing a rocky period in your life.

Dream about Someone Putting Their Arm Around You is a clue for your anticipation of a trip. Your ambition and drive is getting in the way of your personal relationships. You need to eat better and lead a more healthier lifestyle. Your dream is a harbinger for mortality. You have accomplished something that you thought was impossible.

Sometimes, dream about someone putting their arm around you symbolises your inexperience or immature attitude. You are trying to fool yourself or someone into believing something that you know is not true. You have the tendency to let your emotions get out of control and lose your temper. Your dream unfortunately draws attention to your ability to withstand or endure a difficult period in your life. Your actions will result in an unpleasant outcome.

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HI I had a dream that I was talking to my crush and he put his arm around me. My parents were looking so i like put my arm inbetween his body and mine. Then we walked away and i began to stroke his arm. We looked out into this auditorium and the words “cuddle and carressing” came up and he read them and said “like us”.


I had a dream about a man I know. He was looking at me and smiling while he had his arm around my shoulders and I was smiling back at him. Before that, I was dancing with him and we were very close and looking at each other.


I dreamt I was in a car and a guy I don’t know put his arm around my shoulder and then says he’s getting married. After he said that I made him move his arm.

Sue Hendricks

There is a gentleman at work who I find attractive but quite arrogant and the other night ai dreamt that we were sitting together somewhere and he had his arm around my shoulder and waist. Honestly we have physical chemistry between us but I cannot get past his narcissitic personality.


I had a dream where me and my girlfriend were sitting next to each other in school and she put her arm around me and I smiled and then she let go after a bit. I then put my arm around her, and after a bit she pulled out of it. What does that mean?


Hello. I had a dream where the guy I like suddenly puts his arm on my waist and hugs me during a whole school day. Every now and then, he asks me questions or takes a glance at me. We were partners for a project, and it went successful. He seems calm and more polite than usual. He prevented anyone from getting too close to me, but only with guys.


Hi , i had dream where i was at a window at my building where i live , in the dream i was with my brother on the right side and a girl i didnt know on my left side , the girl was what i would deem beautiful . The three of us were looking through the window outside and my brother took the girls arm and put her on my shoulder saying something along the lines of stop being so shy or be the man .After that me and my brother introduced ourselves and i woke up .


Hey I had a dream of my crush going through some old school playground. on this dream he says something playful and I reply with I am gonna be over you something like that and he puts his arms around me and talks things I am so happy inside and in that moment I feel like I am happy content idk like that. And I go to this public toilet where there’s a line I get in line. I pee. Comes back he’s waiting me we walk, his arms around me he’s saying jokes I feel happy. What’s it’s interpretation????


Hello there, I had a dream where I put my arm around my best friend, but she didn’t say anything to me and felt uncomfortable. What does this dream mean?


Hi. I had a dream where a girl I know was walking really close to me (like arms touching) probably going home from school, and someone stopped to talk to us. She was wearing yellow, if that makes a difference, we put out arms around each other.