Dream about someone sitting on my lap

Dream about Someone Sitting On My Lap is a hint for your satisfaction and general contentment with life. There is always something that needs to be tended to. You generally go with the flow of things. The dream points to romance in your relationship. You need to make a fresh, clean start.

Someone in your dream refers to some unpleasant, but necessary task that you need to go through in your life. Perhaps you feel that you are not measuring up to others. There is a situation or relationship that you are trying to keep at a distance. This dream suggests conflict and aggression. You need to keep doing what you’re doing.

Sit dream is an omen for abundance. Somebody may be offering a solution to your problem. You are feeling frustrated in a relationship. The dream represents your ideal or your better self. Perhaps you feel you are being forced to do something that you don’t really want to.

Lap in this dream is about the annoyances in your life. You need to keep silent about some situation. You need to dig deeper and look for the hidden meaning of some situation or circumstance. The dream is an evidence for being framed for something you did not do. You are afraid of letting the past go.

Dreaming of Someone and Sit and Lap

Dream About Someone Sitting stands for innocence and purity. You have some growing up to do and need to plan for the future. You have a lot of things to consider. The dream is a clue for pleasurable endeavors. You have accepted the rewards and recognition you are getting for our work.

Someone and Lap symbolises the power of healing. You feel you are loosing your femininity. You are expressing your anger in such a playful way that others do not recognize or acknowledge your true feelings. This dream is a metaphor for the fruits of your labor and your life experiences. You need to speak up and express yourself.

Dream About Sitting On Lap is a sign for your subconscious and your emotional state of mind. You need to proceed carefully and weigh all the pros and cons of some important decision. Your communication with others is having a toll on you in some way, either directly or indirectly. The dream is an indication for your endurance and willpower. Your ideas and goals will soon be realized.

Dream about Someone Sitting On My Lap suggests your supporting role in a situation. You are expressing some concerns about your future. You are being well rewarded. The dream is a clue for a message from the subconscious or spiritual realm. You are seeking your own individuality and development.

Sometimes, dream about someone sitting on my lap is unfortunately an admonition for the patriarch and perhaps some outdated views and way of thinking. There is a problem that you are trying to find an answer to. You tend to ignore, deny, or repress your feelings. This dream symbolises guilt or shame about your actions. Your hard work has paid off.

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Dream about my boyfriend sitting on my lap

A Joan

I got a dream where a man came close to me and suddenly sitting on top of one of my thighs and hugged me harshly but I shrugged him off and get away from there

A Joan

Ohh, Thank you


Dreamed my significant other (man) sat on another man’s lap


I dreamt that I was driving on the freeway without any lights. I anxiously veered off the side of the road to an exit and as I was doing so I almost hit a family that was crossing the road exit. One of my highly beloved clients was weirdly sitting on my lap as I was veering off the road. I had to rapidly ask her to move and almost push her off so I could get out of the car to make sure that nobody in the family was hit. Everyone was shook as I asked. I suddenly woke up before I got a response.


There was this boy I have never met or spoken to . He was spraying the floor with water , I told him to stop cuz the dog or someone else will slip. I go get a dry cloth and start drying the floor . Next min he is helping but sitting in front of me , as I lean over to wipe he pulls my arm , I have no support so I fall onto him and he is just laughing . I get up fast and throw the cloth away . What does this mean ? Thank u 🙂 kind regards


Thank u so much ❤️


I dreamed i was running from two older women in the street, then I found my ex-girlfriend of seventh grade with his boyfriend, I started joking with them holding their and she was smiling, moments later she was sitting on my lap and i was holding her, we were enjoying the moment, almost like we felt both attracted by each other
Then I went to some place and I took my white tshirt off and tried to flush it down the toilet but it would not go down so I took it out.


Dream of ex girlfriend sitting on your lap


Thanks !