Dream about someone spitting in your face

Dream about Someone Spitting In Your Face is a hint for previously suppressed material that is coming to light. You are putting up a facade. Perhaps you need to be more playful and carefree. This dream is an evidence for the hardships, risks or failures you are faced with in your endeavors. You are expressing some fear or uncertainly within your emotional state.

Someone in your dream is an indication for your difficulties and hardships. Your vitality and energy is being drained away by some situation or someone else. You are being manipulated by a situation or by someone. Your dream states jealousy. Someone in your life may be threatened by you.

Spit dream signifies your struggles against adversity. You need to overcome many obstacles in order to succeed. You may be trying to blame someone for something. The dream is sometimes a hasty and unwise decision in some important matter. You are feeling hopeless and out of control.

Face in this dream signals the rational and mental processes. Someone or some situation may be diverting your concentration and your attention away from your goals. You are looking for some sort of security and stability. This dream is an evidence for your full acceptance of her or him for the person he or she was. You are not really expressing how you really feel.

Dreaming of Someone and Spit and Face

Dream About Someone Spitting indicates bachelorhood. You will overcome your struggles. You need to expand your awareness and knowledge. This dream is a sign for your ability to offer your help and assistance to others. You are feeling larger than life.

Dream About Someone With No Face is a message for the end of a cycle and the pause before the beginning of a new endeavor. There is something you need to incorporate in your life. You have attained a new level of awareness. Your dream represents peace and prosperity. You need to express your inner strengths and desires.

Spit and Face points to the importance of learning from past generations. You are feeling emotional and sensitive. You will be involved in some important matter or decision. Your dream means immortality, life and fertility. You are playing with fire.

Dream about Someone Spitting In Your Face means issues of the heart. You need to take in what you learned from the past and incorporate it into your present life. You are hiding your true self. The dream signals your attitude and confidence. You are involved in some insider information.

Sometimes, dream about someone spitting in your face expresses feelings that you are unable to verbally express or communicate openly. You need to proceed with caution in some endeavor. You are overly emotional. The dream is your lack of sensitivity. You may be turning to a potentially harmful alternative as an instant escape from your problems.

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I had a dream where there were multiple chatrooms in real life and I entered one with someone else and a girl in the chatroom saw me and spit on my face, I entered that chatroom repeatedly and it happened again and again until she said to someone else to beat me up. My dream ended there.


l dream my children father spit in my face. He is my EX


I vividly dreamt that my mum was very angry at me and spit on my head dripped down. I woke up with confusion


I dreamed that a friend was teaching me guitar, we later became three that he was showing what to play, I was playing it but I didn’t get it right when they payed attention. So the other guy was trying to tell me what to play then he saliver from his mouth spit on my face. When I woke up, I felt saliver on my face then I went to the bathroom and washed my face


I dream that I am in a cage and many people try to spit on me from outside of cage and i am trying to safe myself from that spit throw.