Dream about someone stealing my cat

Dream about Someone Stealing My Cat is a metaphor for your true self. You have a new perspective or different outlook in life. You are ready to explore hidden and unknown aspects of yourself. The dream is a hint for your relationship with logic/objectivity and the subconscious/subjectivity. You need to be more open minded and welcome new ideas.

Someone in your dream is a signal for a desire to escape from your daily problems. You have problems holding on to things. You or someone is being given special treatment. This dream is a signal for your desire to be in a committed relationship or to be married. Your reaction to something is being blown out of proportion.

Steal dream means a sacrifice that you need to make or have made. You are acting without thinking. You need to live life to the fullest. This dream signifies your resourcefulness. You are goal-oriented and plan for the future.

Cat in this dream points at feelings of resentment. You are being overly aggressive and assertive. You are being deceived by someone or by some situation. Your dream expresses obstacles in your business or personal life. You need to alter your actions before you or someone gets hurt.

Dreaming of Someone and Steal and Cat

Dream About Someone Stolen is a sign for your spiritual or ancestral connection. Perhaps you need to be on the alert for something that is headed your way. You are making a hasty decision. This dream expresses qualities and feelings of somebody that you desire for yourself. What you thought was difficult at first is going to be worth your while.

Someone and Cat is a premonition for bondage, restriction and captivity. You need to take more of a leadership role. You are surrounded by true friends. Your dream states the creative and intuitive side of your character. You are having difficulties integrating love and emotions.

Dream About Stealing A Cat is a metaphor for your creative energy and reaffirms that you are headed in the right direction in life. You have a lot of love to give. Something in your life is bringing up feelings of fear and insecurities. The dream refers to your support system in your time of need. You are being part of the group.

Dream about Someone Stealing My Cat is a premonition for introspection and deep thought. You need to be more flexible and efficient with how your manage your time. A new light has been shed onto a situation. Your dream is about a spiritual message from above. You are under tremendous stress in your life.

Sometimes, dream about someone stealing my cat is sadly a warning signal for barriers and problems in your life. Nothing seems overwhelming or too difficult to handle. There is an issue that you are trying desperately to avoid. Your dream is sadly an admonition for little annoyances and irritations in your life. Your subconscious is trying to protect you by creating a level of separation from a direct memory.

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So I had this dream where I was giving my boyfriend a haircut and I just bust his hair right down the middle. And because of that I start crying and throwing this really huge fit and when I start kicking the walls, the wall start to like peel away and crumble. After this, I am outside and I see my cat running up a big blue building. He tries to climb to the top but he makes it about halfway until he starts running back down the building and he hits the concrete very hard. He then runs away …