Dream about someone trying to set me on fire

Dream about Someone Trying To Set Me On Fire denotes something in your life that is crystallizing or taking shape. You are struggling with success. You need to stand tall and be proud. The dream indicates a sense of security and belonging. You can see right through somebody and their intentions.

Dream about Someone Trying To Set Me On Fire is sometimes renewed energy, vitality, awe, insight and youth. You are feeling emotionally numb. You want to leave a lasting impression in some area of your life. This dream is a metaphor for wholeness and completeness. You have restrained life style.

Dreaming of Someone & Try & Set & Fire

Someone in your dream is sometimes the sun, the moon and the five main planets. You want to end things on your own terms. You are nervous or anxious about something. This dream is a sign for your over-inflated ego. You are feeling emotionally confined.

Try in your dream suggests an aspect of yourself that you are slowly learning about or acknowledging. You are trying to change how you see yourself and how others see you. It is time to dive in and deal with those emotions. This dream points to your inability to speak your mind. You may be ready to confront your subconscious and unknown aspects of yourself.

Set in this dream is a signal for your worries over money matters. You need to make a space for yourself. Perhaps you are rejecting something about yourself or your situation. Your dream is an omen for your support system and sense of security. Perhaps you need to take a break or perhaps you need to break off some relationship.

Fire in dream is an indication for your negative actions. You are projecting some aspect of your persona onto something or someone else. Perhaps, you have dug yourself into a hole and cannot get out of it. This dream is a premonition for the past. You need to spend some time to focus and build on your existing relationships.

Dream About Set On Fire stands for devotion and sense of community. You have acknowledged your hidden potential. You are ill-prepared for a new phase in your life. This dream is a sign for unclaimed rewards. You feel on edge.

Sometimes, dream about someone trying to set me on fire points at a potentially harmful situation that requires your quick action and fast response. You need to think twice before going through with your choice. You are lacking some sort of social life. The dream symbolises ambivalence, dualities or opposites. You want to return to a state where you were dependent and free from responsibilities.

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Dee Dee

I dreamt that I was arguing with an old roommate that my current boyfriend lives with. In the dream she’s pouring gas on me and sets me on fire but my boyfriend is guiding me out of the house while she is setting me on fire.


I had a dream where I was in the garage and my husband was screaming at me with a look of extreme anger (that he gets in real life). He’s screaming about how I don’t thank him every time he does something then pulls out a blow torch and sets me on fire starting at my neck. Instead of fighting or pulling away, I realize that “this is it” and give in.


interesting thank you


I had a dream two guys tried setting me on fire but I was able to survive and I set them on fire and killed them instead what does that mean ?


My dream was that I was accusing this person of killing somone I knew but I wasn’t close to them at all I just knew of them and when I went to confront them I tried to slap them and they kicked me then set me on fire but the fire didn’t hurt and I just watched myself fall down and burn


My dream was that I was out with a friend, we then, somehow were hanging out with guys that gave me and uneasy feeling. One of them started chasing me with a blow torch, when I wouldnt go with him (to where I dont remmeber) I ran into my house that was across the street. I tried to yell for help but couldn’t. He came towrds me and went to set me on fire, this is when I woke up.


I came out of the hallway and I saw a huge guy tattoo on his body with an axe, so in my subconscious mind i thought that he was a thief so I was screaming and shouting louder calling him a thief,before nothing I walked towards him and I find my way to collect the axe that’s with him, by doing that he poured me a gasoline and threw at me the cigarette he was smoking to set me ablaze so I stated running and the fire was chasing the smell of the gasoline on my body till I find a pool of water and


I had a dream that my mother’s husband tried to set me on fire through our old neighbour’s apartment and she called my mom to tell her that i had ran to her unit for protection he also had a knife to try ans harm me


I dreamt that I was putting out a fire in the kitchen sick with water and I turned my back and the fire was still burning because a lady that felt like a colleague was desperately trying to set me on fire. She was putting the fire on my head and burn half of my hair I poured water on my head to stop the fire again and she continues to set me on fire so I started to spray her with water to make her stop.


I dreamed guys where chasing after me I got into a house with a guy and a old lady the guys couldn’t come in and tried to set the house on fire, but I threw the fire out with water every time .


Thank you