Dream about stray cats in house

Dream about Stray Cats In House points at your ambition. You are expressing some fear in your life. It is time to take action. This dream is an indication for tranquility. You are feeling alienated or unaccepted.

Stray in a dream signifies a small lapse in judgment. There is an issue that you are unwilling to address. You are on the verge of an emotional breakdown. The dream represents self-control and self-discipline. Obstacles toward your goals are inevitable.

Cat dream is a harbinger for your fears that some hidden aspect of your life will be discovered or made public. You need to stop meddling in other people’s personal lives. You are feeling sorry for yourself. This dream is a signal for your future hopes and fears. Others tend to underestimate your abilities or misjudge you.

House in this dream indicates unity and togetherness. You have been acting prematurely. You do not know what you want to do about something. The dream is a premonition for your subconscious and the negative aspects of yourself. You are feeling inadequate or oppressed.

Dreaming of Stray and Cat and House

Dream About Stray Cat points at rigidity and an unyielding personality. The coming weeks will be calm and tranquil for you. You are experiencing extra vigor, vitality and energy in your life. This dream states your need to set goals and achieve them. You are shedding your old identity.

Stray and House points to the opportunities and possibilities within your grasp. You are sharing something. Life is short and to take advantage of what life has to offer. This dream expresses purity, simplicity or elegance. You feel that you are never good enough.

Dream About Cat In House denotes your attitudes of courage and violence/passivity. You believe your way of doing things is more superior. You are progressing through life with great confidence, poise and integrity. The dream refers to memories and nostalgia. You want recognition for your efforts.

Dream about Stray Cats In House is a metaphor for victory, success or peace. You are feeling deprived. You will overcome life’s obstacles and adversities. Your dream is the part of yourself that is always in control. Perhaps, you are feeling threatened in some way.

Sometimes, dream about stray cats in house symbolises feelings of rejection or disappointments. The difficult times will soon be over. You are trying to rationalize your emotions. The dream symbolises your ability to control you animalistic rages and anger. You need to devote more time to recreational pursuits.

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I dream of different cats surrounded me going in out while in church, at the end the was a black cat staring at me while I was chasing out, I tell a member of church that they should be careful of a woman in church ,as if that woman is responsible for collapsing the church. And thus black cat went looked innocent and lefy

Davia Jones

I dreamt that my house was filled with different cats and they were just chilling and stuff like they lived there. So I got someone to come remove them but I only kept 1 black kitten for myself.


I suddenly found a stray messy yet cute cat in my apartment, which wants to befriend me. It wanted to be carried but I was a bit afraid of it, so I just started combing its fur then it started moving in a way as if it was giving me instructions on where to stop combing and change directions.


I dreamt very vividly of being in my grandparents house and finding this feral cat inside a black box , it was thin and hungry and went crazy Attacking me when I picked it up . It was very scary and it stuck with me . What does this mean


In my dream I found someone’s lost cat that was living as a stray. She ran in the house because her kittens ran in. The cat became very attached to me and would lay in my arms like a baby. I kept contemplating keeping them to give them a warm home because winter was coming.


I dreamt there was a canned tuna leaking on my bed. I went downstairs and my house was filled with leaves and feces. I then went to hoover and was cleaning this up. I then noticed that my front door was open and a kitten ran out. Shortly after, I saw a big cat that ran to my front door leaving my house too.


I dreamt that my ex who I had just broken up with had let 4 stray cats into my house, 3 adults and a kitten. I discovered filth and mess and was trying to clean it up. I lured them outside with a can of tuna and locked the door. My feelings in the dream were being upset and betrayal. He also texted me in the dream, “Gemini”…I’m a Libra and he’s a Virgo