Dream about swimming with polar bears

Dream about Swimming With Polar Bears expresses your search for love, spiritual enlightenment, peace or even a solution to a problem. You are being prevented from fully expressing yourself. Whether or not you feel you have what it takes for the task at hand. This dream is an omen for uncertainty in your relationship. You are taking a step in the right direction.

Swimming in your dream represents your burdens and responsibilities. Perhaps you are lacking knowledge or awareness in some area or issue. You need to find a safe way to express your feelings. This dream is a message for your dependency on a person. What you think is true about others may turn out to be the contrary.

Polar dream is a signal for how you or someone has acted foolishly and stupidly in a situation. You desire to be more open minded and free. Perhaps you are in a rut. This dream is an omen for a person or may even be a pun on something that is seedy. You are unlocking the answer to some problem.

Bear in this dream is a metaphor for secret desires. You feel being picked on. Perhaps you are feeling inhibited in discussing your thoughts. The dream is a clue for a situation where you are feeling restricted or repressed. It is time for self-exploration, self-reflection and introspection.

Dreaming of Swimming and Polar and Bear

Swimming and Polar points at your willpower and internal strength. You feel whole. You are experiencing spiritual freedom and psychological liberation. The dream is about a relationship or a man in your life. You are going around in circles in some area of your life.

Dream About Swimming Bear signals energy, drive, passion, fearlessness and ambition. Perhaps you prefer solitude. You are seeking guidance from a higher source. This dream refers to frivolity, happiness, gracefulness, sensuality and emotional desires. You are acknowledging a special occasion.

Dream About Polar Bear is sometimes new friendships and opportunities. You have power to control the direction and path of your own life. Your personal desires and illicit pleasures may land you into trouble. The dream is a hint for your life partner or soul mate. You are always alert.

Dream about Swimming With Polar Bears denotes your talents, energies and perseverance. Sometimes you need to take a break and reconnect with loved ones. You will or have achieve power and courage. This dream expresses success in your projects. The relationships you have with those around you are important in learning about yourself.

Sometimes, dream about swimming with polar bears is sadly a warning signal for a lack of communication. Something in your life does not add up. You may not be taking responsibility for your decisions. The dream indicates fear of commitment and loss of independence. You are lacking adventure in your life.

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