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Dream about unknown faces

Dream about Unknown Faces is sometimes a reward for a job well done. There is a blockage to the flow of your spiritual energy. Perhaps you are assessing your career path and how you can move up in the workforce. This dream stands for your ability to express yourself and your beliefs. You have an elevated sense of self.

Unknown Faces means your spiritual needs, sense of morality and religious beliefs. There is a higher force who you need to answer to. You are beginning to open up to others. Your dream represents excitement, energy, power, or anger. You have successfully overcome your problems.

Dreaming of Unknown and Face

Unknown in your dream refers to your anxieties about really asking a person out. You are nagging someone. You are trying to capture some idea or concept. Your dream represents your basic urges, instincts and suppressed emotional desires. You are trying to express a thought or idea in a way that others can understand.

Face in dream is a hint for excess and overindulgence. You are experiencing abundance in some area of your life. You need to defend and protect yourself. This dream is an evidence for a cry for help from somebody in your life. You tend to let things happen instead of making things happen.

Dream about both “Unknown” and “Face” is unfortunately an alert for the targets you are reaching for and the goals you are setting for yourself. You need to unload and let go some of your responsibilities as it is holding you back. You need to focus your energy toward more productive pursuits. Your dream is a symbol for a person around you who is callous, ruthless and can’t be trusted. You may be lacking spiritual enrichment and sensual expression.

Dream about unknown faces indicates the opportunities that are available to you in your life. There is an important life lesson that you need to learn. Something or someone is robbing you of vital energy. The dream is an indication for a feeling of unfulfilment in some area of your life. You are feeling emotionally unsettled.

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