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Dream about wheat stalks

Dream about Wheat Stalks is a symbol for tenderness and relaxation. You are able to steer something toward a direction. You want to escape the mundaneness. This dream is an indication for the youthful side of your persona. You are carrying the burdens of others on your shoulders.

Wheat Stalks is sometimes a fortunate change in your life. You are under a tremendous level of stress. You are orchestrating some plan. Your dream points at lurking danger, aggression and raw emotions. You are searching for some peace and quiet.

Dreaming of Wheat and Stalk

Wheat in your dream is sometimes some area where you need to better focus your attention. Perhaps you feel that you are not measuring up to the expectations of others, especially to your mate. You need to deal with issues that you have been avoiding. The dream is a clue for gloominess, despair and hopelessness. You need to think carefully before speaking.

Stalk in dream expresses insights which have been brought to the surface. You are looking to break out of your shell. You are living under limited means. The dream denotes someone who is causing you trouble. You need to get in touch with some aspect of yourself.

Dream about both “Wheat” and “Stalk” is unfortunately a warning for bad luck, danger and illness. You need to sort out your feelings and re-organize some issues in your life, especially if you’ve experienced some trauma or turmoil recently. You need to fulfill a void in your life. Your dream is a warning alert for an imbalance and lack of confidence in some situation. You lack your own identity.

Dream about wheat stalks represents the flow of subconscious material being suppressed deeper and deeper. You are acknowledging something that you have previously overlooked. You are afraid of differences. The dream is a portent for social unity and family connections. You have a lot to learn about a relationship.

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