Dream about white hat

Dream about White Hat states your deep connection with your mother. You need to be more open minded and welcome new ideas. You are idealizing family life. Your dream is a harbinger for your talents, belief system and good deeds. Something in your life is unsuitable.

White Hat is a metaphor for fertility and productivity. You are taking time out to appreciate your accomplishments. You need to thank somebody. Your dream suggests longevity and long term goals. You have overstepped your boundaries.

Dreaming of White and Hat

White in your dream is a premonition for conflict between your serious and playful side. There is something or someone you need to face. You need to confront some repressed resentment or unexpressed anger. This dream is a harbinger for commitment, harmony or transitions. You are searching for your hidden abilities and talents.

White in this dream is about unfriendly companions. There is a lack of excitement and energy in your life. Your life is like a drama. The dream is a harbinger for feelings of fear and anxiety, You need to be in control of your own destiny.

Hat in dream is about the influence of evil around you. Someone is making you confront some issue that you are not ready to deal with. You are being refused. The dream points at a need for more control in your life. You are harboring some repressed anger and deep-seated rage.

Hat dream is a message for the basic necessities and comforts. You are having difficulties acknowledging your intimate self. You are feeling slow and lethargic in your life. Your dream is a symbol for fire, inspiration, spirituality, action, initiative and the Psyche. You are keeping too much inside.

Dream about both “White” and “Hat” is a symbol for vanity, conceit and your unchanging or unyielding nature. You are lacking excitement in your life. You may feeling depressed or feel strangled by a situation or person in your life. Your dream is sadly an admonition for your limited resources. Things may not be what it appears to be.

Dream about white hat is sometimes your communication skills. You have uncovered some hidden talent and ability within yourself. You may be expressing your desire to be more independent and self-sufficient. This dream is a metaphor for some unknown or unacknowledged power. You need to start taking action and making the necessary changes that will carry you into a new transitional level.

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I dream about my ex. Every time I see him, he’s wearing a white hat

Terrance Banks

I’m dreaming about a white hat that is a part of my work uniform that was lost or misplaced . And there’s a guy named Devin that is a major figure in this twice occurring dream