Dream about yellow gemstone

Dream about Yellow Gemstone is sometimes your desire to be more emotionally adventurous. You are feeling the financial burden. You will be met with much success in your future. The dream states honor, celebration, continuity or completeness. Someone is very in touch with his/her sensitivity and emotions.

Yellow Gemstone represents how you feel in your daily life. You are headed toward a new direction or goal. You to expand your thinking and use your imagination and creativity. Your dream is sometimes a cheerful and tranquil home. Something is passing you by.

Dreaming of Yellow and Gemstone

Yellow in your dream is a metaphor for your anxieties about trying to fit in or being well-suited for your changing role. You will encounter many obstacles and setbacks toward achieving your goals. You need to expand your attitude, imagination and way of thinking. The dream is a metaphor for someone who is insecure. You may be fearing the unknown.

Yellow in this dream signals emotional frustration. You need to change some aspect of your life around. You need to let your mind and body to rejuvenate. This dream stands for how you want to live your life and where you want to be headed. You need to distance yourself from these other people.

Gemstone in dream points at lost or missed opportunities. You need to organize aspects of your life before you can progress forward. You care too much with what others think of you. Your dream points to the need to defend yourself and stand up for your beliefs, even if it means being confrontational or violent. You need to be healed in some way.

Gemstone dream is a premonition for your ability to process emotions quickly. Perhaps the newness and uncertainty of a discovery makes you a little more cautious. Power or impotence, depending on the situation. The dream suggests old memories that you need to let go of. Someone tries to call your attention to something.

Dream about both “Yellow” and “Gemstone” is sadly an admonition for your inability to consider other alternatives and other viewpoints. You are still standing tall despite the emotional turmoil occurring in your life. Do not give your desires in to temptation as they will be unfulfilling and unsatisfying. The dream is a hint for your need to get rid of and discard old ways of thinking and old habits. You have missed a huge and profitable opportunity, especially if you are standing outside the castle door.

Dream about yellow gemstone symbolises tenderness, purity of love and early romance. You may be experiencing the burdens and responsibilities involved with taking care and providing for a family. You are acknowledging and embracing other’s physical differences. This dream symbolises acceptance, growth, inspiration and freeness. You are experiencing a dilemma in your life.

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