Dream about laptop stolen

Dream about Laptop Stolen is an omen for several deities and gods. Some protective force is watching over you. It is time to make the headlines. The dream states your close-knit relationships and the security and comfort they provide. Carefully plot out your goals so you can move ahead in life.

Laptop Stolen points to warmth and coziness. Feel emotionally attacked. You have a clearer understanding of things. The dream is an indication for your backbone and the things that hold you up. Some important and significant relationship has been severed.

Dreaming of Laptop and Steal

Laptop in your dream symbolises actual or perceived limitations. You may be trying to learn from previous mistakes or relive the good and bad times. You are making a minor life-changing decision. The dream is a premonition for the sacrifices you made and the difficulties you endured. You are trying to restore order to your life.

Laptop in this dream is an omen for a period of isolation or loneliness. You are well-grounded or down to earth. You are fixated on the negative aspects of your life. The dream is a metaphor for your right leaning political views. You fear that you are being overlooked or not measuring up to others.

Steal in dream is a portent for death, darkness and the subconscious. You do not want any outside influences. Perhaps you do not want to see what is ahead for you or you are afraid to confront certain issues. This dream is a signal for an unusual disturbance in your soul. You need to be more aware of the risks involved in leaving your destiny to fate.

Steal dream points to your ability to coordinate your actions and execute your plans. You are trying to buy your way into a situation or relationship. You need to let out your inhibitions and animalistic desires. The dream means your cheerful attitude towards life. You are feeling down on yourself.

Dream about both “Laptop” and “Steal” is about low energy, disinterest, or disheartenment. A current relationship shares some commonality with your previous relationship with your ex. You need to acknowledge and express you pent up anger and feelings before they explode. Your dream stands for your negative outlook, deteriorating thoughts and crumbling ideals. You are trying to avoid some issue.

Dream about laptop stolen refers to renewal and clarity. Your greatest desires and goals will be realized. Your personal relationship has reached a new level. This dream points to some unexplored or untried experiences. You are visualizing success or envisioning a positive future.

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Dream that there were some thieves trying to steal my laptop


dream that thieves opened my door carefully and took my two laptops and left the door open


Dream that someone I know was looking through my laptop and I caught them.


Thank you. This same person keeps bothering me in my waking life. This is helpful.


Dreamt that my laptop was playing videos of myself as a child with my mum, I left it for 1 minute and came back and it was gone. I went to a sketchy laptop shop where someone told me they saw a guy take it in there. I was screaming at them begging to get my laptop because all of my work is on there and it’s not backed up. They told me they already sold it on and it was gone.


I dreamt my laptop was dismantled and only carcas was left, I spent the rest of time dreaming how to find/catch the one who was responsible by looking through security tapes – without any real progress untill waking up. (I had to ask someone to give me access to these tapes.)


I dreamt that someone stole my laptop and I had to find a witch to identify who the person might be,, of which he did and my laptop was brought back to me…then I called the person to ask what amount I should pay, and he gave me a specific amount , of which I told him that’s too much and he said any amount of my choice will do…and I woke up before paying either


Dream that someone took my laptop bag at the Delhi airport and ran n i ran behind him to get my laptop back.