Dream about your walking on water

Dream about Your Walking On Water is a portent for air, determination, strength, faith and conquering of fear. You have to tell the truth about a situation. You are identifying new facets of a relationship. Your dream states feeling so negativity and inferiority. Someone in your past still has a strong influence on your mind and the decisions you are making.

Your Walking On Water is a message for your connection and relationship to others. You are feeling guilty about something that you have done and are seeking forgiveness. Perhaps there is something in your subconscious that you are trying to prevent from emerging. Your dream states a spiritual rebirth. You will achieve your goals through perseverance and hard work.

Dreaming of Walking and Water

Walking in your dream is an evidence for your arrogance and that you need to tone it down. You do not have enough faith in yourself. It is time to take control of your destiny. This dream is a message for something awful. You need to listen and heed the message that someone is trying to convey.

Walking in this dream refers to repressed anger that needs to be expressed. There is a secret that you are not revealing. Through deeper understanding of yourself, you find commonality and shared experiences with others. This dream is a harbinger for your desire to be looked up to. You need some intellectual stimulation.

Water in dream suggests someone in your life who shares that same ideals and thoughts. You need to be more decisive and go for what you want. You need to preserve your energy. The dream is a conflict with your subconscious. You have a tendency to look down on others.

Water dream signals evenness, sharing, cooperation, equal rights and opportunities for all. You are having a problem accepting an aspect of your own character. There is a part of yourself that you are not revealing. The dream is a metaphor for your responsibility and commitment to another person or situation. You need to reevaluate and better manage your resources before your deplete them.

Dream about both “Walking” and “Water” is unfortunately a warning for feelings of helplessness and loss of control. You need to get rid of some bad feelings. You may just be experiencing constipation or indigestion. Your dream is an indication for trouble, loss and overwhelming grief. You are taking on too much.

Dream about your walking on water is a premonition for your importance in some decision. You have a lot of love to offer. You feel connected to your family. Your dream signals life experiences. You need to take a much closer look at some situation or relationship.

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I dreamt about how I was at a bright place that looked like a staircase and there was water on the staircase that looked exactly like the ocean the water was up to my thighs. I then met my friend ,were walking through the water when we saw a light in front of us that was there for 2 or 3 seconds and then vanished. we then decided to leave the place and when we were outside it started raining, and that’s my dream.