Dream about a new house being built

Dream about A New House Being Built suggests your sensual side. You are exploring aspect of yourself in order to become more whole. You are making a spectacle of yourself, either in a positive or negative way. This dream points to your ability to bounce back from some physical setbacks. You feel restricted from what you really want to do.

Dream about A New House Being Built stands for your new awareness and enlightenment. Light needs to be shed on some dark situation. There is something in your life where you are in need of more. This dream is a premonition for your frigid emotions. Some privileged information or knowledge is about to be revealed to you.

Dreaming of New & House & Be & Build

New in a dream is a premonition for flexibility in your way of thinking. Perhaps you are feeling depressed. You may not be facing up to a situation or dealing with some issue. The dream is an indication for youth and rebellion. You are diverting or deflecting your feelings instead of confronting them.

House dream stands for your fears of not being able to cope with the pressures and stresses of everyday life. You want to be in control. You are trying to project a new persona. This dream is a clue for a devouring mother. Perhaps you are feeling ambiguous or insecure about your own identity.

Be in this dream is a harbinger for spreading the word of God. Perhaps you do not have time to socialize during the day. You need to regain some control and independence in your life. This dream points at a minor setback. You may be rebelling against some situation in your life.

Build in dream is a portent for your feelings about authority. You need to get up and be more active. You need to stand up for yourself in some situation. The dream expresses a situation or problem that is giving you much stress. You may be dwelling on past problems and previous difficulties.

Dream About New House refers to warmth, tradition and family values. Some protective force is helping you move forward in life. You and your actions are being called into question. The dream is an evidence for your willingness to help others and lend a hand. You are in tune with your feelings.

Dream About House Was points at good luck and fortune. You need to look at things from a different perspective and live life with some zest. It is time to be more assertive and take control of your life. The dream is a clue for your immediate connection to the world around you. You have the necessary resources to complete the task at hand.

Dream About House Being Built refers to dissatisfaction in your personal relationship. You are ready to explore new things that life has to offer. You can learn a lot from your past and your heritage. The dream is a portent for your subconscious and your emotional state of mind. You are taking certain measures in order to accomplish something.

Sometimes, dream about a new house being built is a symbol for a period of cleansing and purification. You are too absorbed with your ambition that you do not take the time to acknowledge those who have helped you along the way. You need to communicate your anger in a more effective and rational manner. This dream is a metaphor for an imbalance and lack of confidence in some situation. Do not get too comfortable or too arrogant.

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