Dream about being stabbed in the lung

Dream about Being Stabbed In The Lung stands for the warmth of friends. Certain aspects of your life beyond your control. You are working on your image and how you portray yourself. The dream expresses self discovery. You are showering someone with gifts or love.

Be in your dream points to your ability to adapt to any situation or circumstance. You are experiencing some instability and setback in your life. You are well-prepared for any situation. This dream is an evidence for irreconcilable differences. Perhaps you wish to incorporate the qualities of others into yourself.

Stab dream is a hint for some hurtful action or remark. You need to put some goal, plan, or situation on hold. You are holding back your true feelings about something. The dream denotes the mundane aspect of your life. You are being influenced by the beliefs and wishes of others.

Lung in this dream hints your concerns about your self-image and appearance. You are being refused. You are seeking guidance during a difficult and tumultuous time. Your dream signals yours subconscious desires for bigger achivements. You need to better exert yourself.

Dreaming of Be and Stab and Lung

Dream About Been Stabbed is a sign for unrestrained desires. You need to be patient. There is still more growing that you need to do. Your dream is an evidence for giving yourself a second chance. Your agility and stealth will get you what you want.

Be and Lung is an omen for childhood pleasures or rewards. You are still feeling sore and resentful about some situation or relationship. You need to relax and get some rest. Your dream refers to loyalty, commitment and unconditional love. What you learn today will be beneficial for you in the future.

Stab and Lung is a premonition for enlightenment, spirituality and humility. You are saying one thing, but you actually mean something else. You have a zest for life. The dream is an evidence for your anxieties and thoughts of whether you had made a good impression on somebody that you have met. You are well-balanced in your personal, social and professional life.

Dream about Being Stabbed In The Lung indicates your desires for more excitement in your life. You are making a resolution. You are content with the way your life is going. The dream is a message for pent up aggression. You will succeed in overcoming your rivals and fears.

Sometimes, dream about being stabbed in the lung is cowardliness and a lack of willpower. A problem is too tough to handle. You are lacking the abilities needed to achieve some desired goal. The dream is unfortunately a warning alert for your insecurities and concerns of being judged or criticized for your actions. Your worse fears are coming true.

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