Dream about lung transplant

Dream about Lung Transplant is a message for devotion and sense of community. You are acknowledging and embracing key qualities in one another. You have an old fashion perspective on certain issues. The dream signals a need for enjoyment. You feel emotionally protected.

Lung Transplant hints lust, fertility, potential and continuity of life. There is an important lesson that you and only you need to learn. They are battling their own personal issues. Your dream is sometimes a controlling relationship. You are about to learn an important lesson.

Dreaming of Lung and Transplant

Lung in your dream is a harbinger for someone who is slick or smooth. You need to protect yourself against your adversaries or haters out there. You need to be secure about yourself. Your dream points at your creativeness or emotional nature. You are ill prepared for the changes in your life.

Lung in this dream is a metaphor for your need for a change in scenery or a desire to escape from a current situation. You have put an end to your old habits and ways. You need to take a step back and look at some relationship more objectively. Your dream signifies your directness and straightforwardness. You need to better manage your time.

Transplant in dream is a premonition for how you manipulate your surroundings. You need to show restraint and control in your feelings. There are many layers to your personality that you need to get through in order to unveil what is truly underneath. This dream is a harbinger for the shaping and development of your personality. You want to be less inhibited and explore other areas of personality.

Transplant dream points to a dark secret you are keeping. You are looking for fulfillment of your needs or wants. You need to be heard. This dream is a signal for the object of your affections or desires. You need to get aspects of your life in order.

Dream about both “Lung” and “Transplant” is sadly a warning alert for rejected or unwanted aspects of yourself. You need to perk things up in your bland life. You may not be in such solid ground as you thought. Your dream is negative feelings that are being pushed out of the subconscious. There is a missing component in your life.

Dream about lung transplant refers to something very personal to you. You are experiencing a burst of energy. It also suggests that a new idea is coming to fruition. You are under tremendous stress and feel drained. This dream is a sign for your struggle for power and empowerment. You are ready for a new outlook in life.

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