Dream about being trapped in small space

Dream about Being Trapped In Small Space refers to a reminder for you to keep your cool and remain level-headed. You are regretting what you said. Perhaps a person is doing something suspicious or doing something exceptionally well. This dream is a strong and solid partnership. You are experiencing balance and harmony.

Dream about Being Trapped In Small Space is your ability to work and cooperate with others. You are ready to explore and open yourself to new experiences. You have limitless energy. This dream expresses a desire to reveal more of yourself. Time has run for you on some project or opportunity.

Dreaming of Be & Trap & Small & Space

Be in your dream means a stressful situation and refer to a relationship/situation in which you feel suffocated. You have trouble letting others in. You need order and stability. This dream is a signal for your basic urges, instincts and suppressed emotional desires. You may feel threatened or vulnerable when you express yourself.

Trap dream is an evidence for the darker, sinister side of your personality. You need to face up to your responsibilities and acknowledge the mistakes you have made. Perhaps it is time for a tropical getaway. This dream means your willpower. You have processed some ideas and gained knowledge from it.

Small in this dream denotes sharing and companionship. You fear that you are being overlooked or not measuring up to others. You may have done something that you are ashamed of or are not proud of. Your dream points to feelings of guilt and self-blame. You are looking for positivity in your life.

Space in dream is sometimes relationships that have been extinguished and no longer intact. You expect others to be at your feet. Somebody is dumping all his/her feelings on you. This dream suggests your fears of things that are different. Major changes are occurring within yourself.

Dream About Been Trapped is sometimes prosperity, status and luxury. You are experiencing much inner turmoil. You are proud of your past accomplishments and want to share it with those around you. This dream is a clue for eroticism. You show great discipline.

Dream About Small Space symbolises a new beginning or transition in your current life. Big things often start small. You have difficulty relating to the world around you. Your dream is a signal for the responsibilities that you are undertaking. You are so focused on your goals that you are leaving behind the people around you.

Dream About Trapped In Small Space states your prim and proper behavior. You have regained confidence to stand up and take control again. Grace, agility, regeneration and growth. Your dream signals harmony amongst friends and loved ones. You are going through some dramatic events in your life.

Sometimes, dream about being trapped in small space is a signal for disappointments and gloomy situations. You are stuck in the middle between two diverging viewpoints. You feel you are unable to full express yourself. This dream hints abundance, plentitude, fertility and prosperity. You are relaxing too much and are being lazy.

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