Dream about blue beads

Dream about Blue Beads means an elevated sense of awareness or sudden clarity. You are feeling defenseless. You may still in be the planning stages of some situation or project. The dream states clarity, cleansing and spirituality. You have moved on with your life.

Blue Beads represents insecurities about life. There is a urgent matter that needs your immediate attention. You will overcome your struggles. Your dream is an evidence for balance, grace and discipline. You are being overcome with emotions and are in over your head regarding some situation.

Dreaming of Blue and Bead

Blue in your dream points at your need for leisure and relaxation. You need to be more self-disciplined. You need to reconsider some issue or situation before committing to it. The dream draws attention to the direction of your life and the decisions you have made along the way. You are literally wasting away.

Blue in this dream is a symbol for emotional tension or your need for emotional release. You are experiencing some nervousness or excitement about a situation. You have to live with the consequences of your own decisions. This dream refers to lingering danger. Perhaps you are sad about something that happened with a person.

Bead in dream is a hint for some area where you need to better focus your attention. You are unfairly framing someone else for an issue. Perhaps you wish to incorporate the qualities of others into yourself. Your dream hints your self-confidence, pride and conceit. A project you had put a lot of effort into is falling apart and slowly deteriorating.

Bead dream points at either access or restriction. You are dealing with a big problem in your life. Your actions are irreversible. Your dream symbolises wild and erratic behavior. You need to dig deeper and look for the hidden meaning of some situation or circumstance.

Dream about both “Blue” and “Bead” is sadly an admonition for unsatisfied desires. You are experiencing some emotional difficulties. You are ready to rid yourself of the extra weight, negative habits and excesses that are holding you back. This dream indicates your lack of freedom and limited abilities. You feel lost and are looking for guidance.

Dream about blue beads denotes your aura and your spiritual energy. Perhaps what started out as something fun or exciting has slowed down. It is time to let it go and let love in. This dream is a portent for your never-ending quest in acquiring knowledge. You are feeling weary.

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