Dream about car getting hit by train

Dream about Car Getting Hit By Train is about the faith in yourself. You feel restricted and restrained from being able to express yourself. You are wagering on something. This dream is a harbinger for perfection of the self and spiritual truth. You are preparing for some important event.

Dream about Car Getting Hit By Train is sometimes freedom and emotional release. Your creativity is being put to work. You are experiencing some intense feelings. Your dream is a premonition for endurance and freedom. You need to acknowledge and express your creative side.

Dreaming of Car & Get & Hit & Train

Car in your dream signals the difficulties your are facing in your life. You may be pestered by a problem or obstacle. You need to overcome some challenges and obstacles. The dream hints your chilling personality and cold emotions. You need to lighten-up.

Get dream states an achievement or goal that has been reached. You saw something that you shouldn’t have seen. You need to show more cooperation. The dream signals your uncontrolled emotions. Perhaps, you need to adapt a healthier lifestyle.

Hit in this dream suggests some difficulty or some sort of hardship headed your way. Perhaps you feel that you are going around in a circle or that you are stuck with a decision that needs to be made. You need to be reenergized. The dream represents how the world turns or revolves. Sometimes you need to take yourself out of the situation so you can gain a different view.

Train in dream hints someone that you call or refer to as doll. You are being restrained in some way, either by your own belief system or by someone. You need to be more receptive towards the guidance or criticism of others. This dream points to the consequences of your own temper. You need to take a risk and be more daring in some situation.

Dream About Got Hit is a metaphor for indecision. Some situation or relationship has you hypnotized. You are undergoing some sort of transformation. Your dream is an omen for your renewed religious faith and commitment. You are refusing to see the truth in some matter.

Dream About Hit By Train points to lust and emotions. You are ready to accept and face reality. You are self-reliant and independent, yet still remain humble. The dream hints your resourcefulness and ingenuity. You need to assert yourself and make your presence known.

Dream About Car Getting Hit is a symbol for your desires for a fresh new start. You are well in tune with the opposite gender. You are connecting with your sensual side. The dream is an indication for some emotional conquest. You are afraid of the truth.

Dream About Getting Hit By Train represents self-acceptance and self-love. You are feeling overwhelmed with panic and uneasiness. Your passion may consume you. Your dream denotes excitement and creative freedom. You fear that this situation or relationship is falling apart and it is up to you to mend it.

Sometimes, dream about car getting hit by train is an omen for your discarded attitudes, old habits and former beliefs. You are feeling emotionally inadequate. You are feeling sluggish. This dream is a metaphor for suppressed emotions that are on the verge of spilling over into your conscious and creating a negative influence in your daily life. You are beginning to let your guard down.

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