Dream about family member doing drugs

Dream about Family Member Doing Drugs is a premonition for a hidden danger that is lurking over you. You are opening something. You are a highly sensitive person. The dream is something that you are dreading. You are undergoing a positive transformation which is making you feel whole again.

Dream about Family Member Doing Drugs is a message for some unresolved issues or feelings pertaining to a specific person. You will get through an emotional issue with relative ease. Something that has made an impact or impression on you. This dream symbolises your desire to escape from your daily life. You are feeling mortified.

Dreaming of Family & Member & Do & Drug

Family in your dream is about your search for your own comfort zone. You are deceiving others or being deceived by someone. You may be searching for the comfort and security of home. The dream is a harbinger for regret in something you did. Perhaps you need to be prepared to put up a fight in some area of your life.

Member dream is an indication for a reward or an acknowledgement of your hard work. You need to act on some problem, decision or opportunity. You need to do more methodical in how you pursue your goals. The dream is sometimes some situation or issue that you need to tend to. You need to find time to relax.

Do in this dream is a sign for emergence of subconscious material and suppressed feelings. You need to express your individuality. You need to stand up for yourself and let your voice be known. This dream represents your carefulness and your cautious attitude. You are distancing yourself from others so that you won’t end up getting hurt.

Drug in dream draws attention to your fear of commitment. Your life is too structured. You need to sort out some issue in your life. This dream is a metaphor for repressed memories of child abuse. You are involved in a situation that is making you uneasy.

Dream About Family Member is about ambition, hope, goals and success. You want to stray from your significant other. Some protective force is watching over you. Your dream is a symbol for a life-changing decision. You are open to rectifying current issues in order to move forward.

Dream About Doing Drugs signals the relationship with your husband/wife and the subconscious feelings you have towards him/her. You want to make your presence known and stand out from the crowd. You need to carefully examine what you are getting into. Your dream is an evidence for a value within yourself or within others in which you admire and cherish. You need to be more resourceful and make the best of an undesirable situation.

Sometimes, dream about family member doing drugs is sadly a warning for a difficult or emotional situation that you are trying to process and understand. You drive yourself crazy comparing yourself to others and as a result, you suffer from low self-esteem. You are ready to rid yourself of the extra weight, negative habits and excesses that are holding you back. This dream is a warning signal for disappointments or misunderstanding in some situation or relationship. You feel that you are being judged, criticized and scrutinized.

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