Dream about hitting mom

Dream about Hitting Mom is a hint for your anxieties and thoughts of whether you had made a good impression on somebody that you have met. You need to act more smartly about a situation. You will use underhanded means to achieve your goals. This dream points to some delicate situation. You still see them as young and dependent.

Hitting Mom is a message for your desires to fully express your emotions. You feel that you are being picked on or criticized. You need to reevaluate the situation and rethink what is really best for you. The dream means fortune and love. You have a zest for life.

Dreaming of Hit and Mom

Hit in your dream is a harbinger for your own childhood memories. Perhaps you are lacking some qualities or components in your life. You need to cherish your time spent with friends. The dream hints the basic necessities and comforts. You need to communicate with your mate about your emotional needs and desires.

Hit in this dream indicates some situation, person, or relationship that you are still molding and forming. You need to release and express some emotions and inhibitions. You need to acknowledge some aspect of yourself which has been dormant. This dream is a portent for a sense of freedom and openness that is lacking in your daily life. There is some matter that you are trying to resolve or settle.

Mom in dream is an evidence for pining for something or someone. You need to start over and reorganize your life. You are experiencing some internal conflict or emotional struggle which is tearing you up inside. The dream hints your sense of self-worth. You need to gain a better perspective on things.

Mom dream points at the anticipation of hard work ahead. You need to get rid of something in your life. Perhaps you are pretending to be someone that you are not in order to fit in. The dream symbolises grief and loss. You need to be more responsive or receptive to guidance and assistance from others.

Dream about both “Hit” and “Mom” is sadly life experiences of being continually disappointed. You feel that you are losing your own identity or space. You are displaying a don’t care attitude and don’t want to be weighed down by responsibilities. The dream is a signal for your current condition of poverty and misery. You may feel that you are unable to completely express yourself in a situation.

Dream about hitting mom stands for motherly love, faithfulness, new birth or fertility. You are a point where you are comfortable in acknowledging your vulnerabilities and feelings. There is a calming influence in your life. The dream hints cunningness and terror. You are feeling exposed or put on the spot.

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After school came and my mom picked me and two of my friends up, my mom showed me a letter of teachers about another school, we were driving to Walmart, when we were there she started to have an attitude and after a while of her attitude I hit her and we fought while my friends and everyone else saw and then after a while she died.


I had a dream where I was in a hospital room standing up and the nurse told me I needed to sign some papers for them to Crack my brain to help my esophagus I then just looked at them turned around and my mom was sitting in the chair I then pushed my moms head which made her lean to her left side, then I walked in the hall she was sitting there and I did the same thing to her she leaned over but didn’t fall and I walked down the hall

I’m horrif9 because I would never mug my mother.