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Dream about house building

Dream about House Building expresses gratifying success in your endeavors. You are feeling controlled and manipulated by others. No one is perfect. This dream is an omen for happiness, harmony and joy in some situation or relationship. Perhaps you are questioning your own loyalty or the loyalty of others.

House Building refers to a new project that you need to take care of. You need to develop some qualities within yourself in order to become a more stronger and confident person. You need to let things be and let things take their natural course. The dream points to something or some aspect of your character that is somewhat familiar. You need to be more realistic.

Dreaming of House and Building

House in your dream is sometimes minor irritations and annoyances. You may be pestered by a problem or obstacle. You need to reevaluate the negativity you have towards an enemy. This dream is a signal for your intellectual capacities. Sometimes you need a kick.

Building in dream represents the sun, resurrection and immortality. Somebody may be offering a solution to your problem. Perhaps you need to change your attitude or ways. Your dream denotes indecision; you cannot make up your mind about something. You are looking for reassurance and support for your decisions.

Dream about both “House” and “Building” is unfortunately a warning alert for how poorly or how well you are communicating your feelings, ideas, or thoughts. You feel the need defend or protect yourself from verbal attacks or emotional abuse. You are trying to remain rational and objective by separating your emotions. This dream draws attention to low self esteem and a poor self-image. You are having issues related to your self-image.

Dream about house building is a portent for a spiritual messenger or guide. You are able to get to the heart of the matter. Perhaps something is coming to the surface and you are on the verge of some new awareness. Your dream is a symbol for your desire for acceptance and affection. You need to tone it down and allow the mind and body to rest and heal.

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I saw my mom was building a house. While the building was uncompleted, a room in it was completed with properties inside. I complained about some part of the first floor frame not properly built and the plumbing pipe not fix properly. No one listen until the bad frame collapse.A lecture use the toilet in the complete room but the pipe exposed the poo. I left them to the mess because I warned them. Now they try to gaslight me for abandoning them. I overlooked and continued in peace with them


I had a dream I was building an invisible house. I remember I could tell what was in each room despite not being able to see it. My son was with me watching me build each room, carefully placing them where I thought they would best be. One moment I was inside the house building then next I was outside the house building but the house was small and placing the rooms was like placing building blocks that were fully decorated. I still couldn’t see them but I knew what they were. Im happy and calm.

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