Dream about moving bridge

Dream about Moving Bridge is sometimes an improvement or positive turn to your situation. You have successfully come to a resolution of some problem. You may also be starting to unleash your unused potential. This dream is a hint for your stamina and durability. You feel that you are in a precarious position at work or in some group project.

Moving Bridge is a symbol for gentleness, romance, beauty, lust and sensuality. You are seeking some spiritual or emotional nourishment. You need to have more of a presence and take a more active role in a situation. The dream points to your need to belong or be part of a group. Big changes are ahead for you.

Dreaming of Move and Bridge

Move in your dream is sometimes someone who is offering their guidance and support. Your tenacity and perseverance will pay off in the end. You will be rewarded if you behave and follow the rules. Your dream points to your non-conformist attitude. You need to be more yielding and flexible in some situation.

Move in this dream states your contentment with what you already have and where you are in life. You are looking for some sort of security and stability. Your vision is being impaired or clouded by something or someone. This dream hints reward, honor, recognition and praise for your achievements. You may need to slow down and take a breather.

Bridge in dream hints some sort of trouble that is entering your life. You need to listen more closely to what you are being told. You need to swallow your pride in some situation. The dream is a portent for passivity or protection. There is something in your life that you are struggling with.

Bridge dream is a hint for hard work and difficult task. You are feeling confined and restricted in your job, career, health, or a personal relationship. Youn need to go after your ambitions. This dream is a symbol for your feelings of guilt and remorse about some situation. Your libido is on overdrive.

Dream about both “Move” and “Bridge” points to poverty and disappointment. You are lacking in your own relationship or circumstances. You have low self-worth. The dream points at a potentially harmful situation that requires your quick action and fast response. You are having a hard time getting to know a person.

Dream about moving bridge signifies the brain and issues of power and prowess. You are becoming reclusive and emotionally closed off. You need to trust your instincts. This dream is perfect balance, unity and harmony. You need to draw on your inner strength.

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