Dream about someone visiting me

Dream about Someone Visiting Me is a harbinger for a promise you made that will affect others. You are constantly being overlooked and are fed up with it. You are involved in a cover-up. Your dream is a signal for loyalty, love, simplicity, gentleness and friendships. Perhaps you need some motivation to get things moving.

Someone Visiting Me is an indication for your creativity. You are heralding new changes into your life. You are experiencing some struggles in your life. The dream suggests nurturance, protection and unconditional love. You have an opponent.

Dreaming of Someone and Visit

Someone in your dream suggests commitment issues. You are in danger of being seduced by some uncontrollable force. You are getting off to a good start for some project. The dream means endless possibilities. Others are meddling in your life and interfering with your life path.

Someone in this dream is about your negative emotions. You are becoming less civilized, less restrained and becoming more free and instinctive. You are dealing with criticism about your self and your body. This dream signifies feelings of aggression or submission. A situation or relationship that you thought was dead or dormant is active again.

Visit in dream states some very deep pain or internal conflict within your soul. You need to confront your fears. You are trying to capture some idea or concept. Your dream is about hypocrisy and being someone that you are not. You are feeling inferior or unworthy.

Visit dream indicates unrealized hopes. You are showing off. A person was mentally deteriorating. The dream is sometimes sudden changes in a situation. There is a lack of excitement and energy in your life.

Dream about both “Someone” and “Visit” is a sign for a loss of control in some aspect of your life. You are not seeing some situation or problem clearly. You feel that you are not being heard. Your dream points to an awkward situation that you are trying to avoid or overlook. You feel the need to protect yourself against negative influences.

Dream about someone visiting me is a message for your drive, energy and determination. You will be criticized for your decision. You have a zest for life. This dream is a sign for success, prosperity, luck, fertility and warm friendships. You may be feeling emotionally vulnerable.

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Lady Ligon

A family came to visit me from out of town. They were not my family but we acted as if we were. They were the family of someone who I knew in the dream but can’t remember who and if knew the person in reality. The only person I recognized was my husband. All the interactions were pretty normal. Me showing them around town. We visited a new shopping center. Then it ended with my husband doing something inappropriate with one of the women nothing sexual but showing off and too much touching.