Dream about spices poem

Dream about Spices Poem refers to your anxiety about some real life competition that you are involved in. You are feeling relaxed and at ease. You need to be able to make clear distinctions between your choices. Your dream is about new found freedom and independence. It is okay to ask for help and lean on the support from friends and family.

Spices Poem is a clue for a freedom of expression and the ability to let go of the confines in your daily life. You have a clear and smooth path ahead. You are becoming a hardened person. Your dream signifies a quality about yourself or a part of you that you are rejecting or want to keep hidden. You feel that it is always someone’s fault or someone else’s doing.

Dreaming of Spice and Poem

Spice in your dream is an evidence for struggle and conflict. You need to stand up for yourself and be your own person, even though it may go against the masses. You need to butter up to someone, in order to ease the situation. The dream is a sign for unrealized and unfulfilled goals. There is something you are trying to hide.

Spice in this dream indicates your basic needs and priorities. Perhaps you are afraid of hearing some truth. You need to put more focus on your professional life. Your dream is an evidence for your vulnerability to a situation. You are holding back on what you really want to say.

Poem in dream is an omen for resurrection, reincarnation and fertility. You are struggling with feelings of insecurity. You have lost touch with some aspect of yourself. This dream states your hastiness and quick temper. You do not want to face your feelings.

Poem dream is an evidence for your anxieties about your family or friend issues. You need to care for the child within yourself. You need to organize your life and keep things in order. The dream represents purity or eternal life. You are afraid or uncertain as to what you will discover about yourself and about your hidden feelings and fears.

Dream about both “Spice” and “Poem” expresses feelings of insignificance, helplessness and unworthiness. Even through difficult times, you will persevere. You may be acting out and have a desire to awaken your passion. Your dream hints how much you are missing one’s presence and having him/her nearby. You are left out on something or someone is hiding information from you.

Dream about spices poem means your actions and your true intentions. You have a creative mindset. You are questioning certain issues about yourself. The dream is a symbol for the different fragments and facets that make up your character. You need to strengthen your ties and relationships with others.

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