Dream about spilling blood

Dream about Spilling Blood is a signal for hidden areas of the conscious mind and different aspects of your personality. You need to look at the issues from a different perspective. You are you are rejecting some part of your own character. The dream is a symbol for a message conveyed to you via your subconscious. You may be getting to the truth of something.

Spilling Blood symbolises winter time and the memories that that time of the year brings. Help will come from someone whom you least expect. You are longing for the sense to belong and to be accepted. The dream hints your confidence and self-esteem. You have restrained life style.

Dreaming of Spilling and Blood

Spilling in your dream is a sign for your hopes, wishes and your dreams. You need to stop and reenergize yourself. You need to learn that you cannot be everything to everybody. This dream hints acceptance of some new change, even though you may not agree with it. You are constantly put on the defensive.

Spilling in this dream expresses mischief, deceit and mockery. You need to go with your hunch. You will not be able to run away from it until you confront the issue or the person. This dream is a sign for the ending of a phase or project. You are tending to the needs of others and overlooking your own needs.

Blood in dream signals your control over your subconscious desires. Your fears of gaining weight. You need to take time off for yourself and relax. The dream points to your ideals and your strive for perfection. You are afraid to let others down.

Blood dream refers to luck, spring, femininity and youth. You are feeling spiritually lost. You are open or receptive to outside influences. This dream indicates feelings of inferiority and ineffectiveness. You need to be ready to accept whatever life throws at you.

Dream about both “Spilling” and “Blood” is a sign for pent up anger that is ready to explode at any moment. There is a negative influence in your life. You feel that your mother or some motherly figure in your life is not being responsive to your needs. Your dream points to something may have started as minor has now become a huge problem. You feel that some relationship or situation is too invasive.

Dream about spilling blood signifies renewal, rejuvenation and cleansing. You are taking a different life path then you had planned. You are moving ahead in life on your own terms. This dream denotes the things that you treasure and hold dear to your heart. You will be victorious despite the negativity surrounding you in your life.

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