Dream about spilt wine

Dream about Spilt Wine is a premonition for hope, renewal and deep spiritual awareness. You are giving into some temptation. You have high expectations of others. The dream is an omen for internal conflict and personal struggles. It is time to listen to your instincts.

Spilt Wine represents regal power and authority. You may be admiring your own accomplishments. You are being well rewarded. The dream is a metaphor for your emotional persona and how you navigate through the various situations in your life. You are experiencing a reawakening.

Dreaming of Spilt and Wine

Spilt dream is a portent for your toughness and rigidity. You are diverting or deflecting your feelings instead of confronting them. You need to find some balance and inner harmony. This dream is a portent for a sacrifice that you need to make or have made. You may be dealing with issues of acceptance/rejection and approval/disapproval.

Spilt in this dream represents the pressure you are putting on yourself. Perhaps you are involved in an argument that is getting too heated. Perhaps you are reaching beyond your abilities. This dream signifies rebirth and unrealized potential. You need to look at a situation/relationship from a different perspective or angle.

Wine in dream signals togetherness. You need to loosen up. You are laying out a firm foundation for you and your family. Your dream is a sign for your willingness to sacrifice your authority in order to maintain calmness in your domestic life or personal relationship. Perhaps you are worried about your mortgage.

Wine dream is a metaphor for a fear of impotence or emotional dysfunction. You may be in conflict with an aspect of yourself. Are being given some wise advice you should follow. The dream signals a sign of desperation and a cry for help. You are being vested in something or someone.

Dream about both “Spilt” and “Wine” symbolises your need for a little more excitement in your life. You feel trapped or repressed in a situation. It is time to leave behind past feelings and characteristics that are hindering your growth. The dream is sadly self-reliance, stability, tactfulness and careful forethought. There is some aspect of yourself that you are desperately trying to rid yourself of.

Dream about spilt wine is distress. A burden will be lifted off you and you will come out victorious. You are in a relaxed state in your relationship. The dream represents the need to prove yourself as worthy and deserving. You are connecting with your sensual side.

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