Dream about tarot card reading

Dream about Tarot Card Reading is about social unity and family connections. You may still in be the planning stages of some situation or project. Some privileged information or knowledge is about to be revealed to you. Your dream states a positive outcome. You are feeling cut off from your family.

Tarot in your dream is opportunities that are in your view but still out of your grasp. You have outstretched yourself into too many responsibilities. You are digging deep into your own past and facing your fears. Your dream draws attention to anxiety about technology and loss of control. You need to acknowledge the emotional aspects of your personality.

Card dream is sometimes a new idea or some newly developed situation. Perhaps you feel that no one knows the real you or that no one has taken the time to discover all the different sides of you. You are being put through some sort of test. Your dream is about jealousy, lust or temptation. You are trying to make amends with others.

Reading in this dream is a metaphor for your passiveness in a situation. You possess the necessary skills to accomplish a goal or solve a problem in your life. Through experimentation and taking risks, you learn how and how not to do something. The dream points at some time-sensitive situation. You are facing a confrontational situation.

Dreaming of Tarot and Card and Reading

Dream About Tarot Card stands for how well you are doing in life’s lesson and how your are progressing through each stage in your life. You possess a lot of insight. You appreciate the minor and sweet things in life. This dream hints your subconscious and your emotional state of mind. Some relationship or situation is evolving and moving into a new phase.

Dream About Tarot Reading is an omen for an aspect of yourself and your aggressive and snappy attitude. You will face many obstacles and setbacks toward achieving your goals. Things will be much simpler and carefree. This dream indicates sudden awareness, insight, spiritual revelation, truth and purification. Someone can see right through you and your facade.

Dream About Card Readings is a hint for the connection of your spirit to the earth, air, fire and water. You are looking back on the positive experiences and good times that you shared with your past love. You may be feeling helpless or vulnerable in some area of your life. Your dream is a portent for wealth, happiness, immortality, high aspirations and knowledge. You are enjoying life.

Dream about Tarot Card Reading symbolises the archetypal dream helper who is trying to offer some insight and advice. You need to do some serious saving! You are putting an aspect of your life on display. Your dream is a signal for the union of your feminine and masculine side. The path toward your goals will take some effort and work.

Sometimes, dream about tarot card reading is a warning for a lack of individuality and lack of emotions and feelings. You are suffering from a seemingly inescapable situation. Your life and daily routine is becoming too repetitious. The dream is a warning alert for deception, evil and treachery. You may be shutting yourself off from others.

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i had a dream about some blond woman giveing me a card reading on my crush at school and i kept seeing white tulips she pulled out 3 cards but i chould onlu she the sun card then i woke up i am manafesting my crush so chould this mean that he is comeing twords me


I had a dream where I received a tarot reading. I didnt pay attention to the cards, & I don’t remember the reader.

The reader said that my parents property will be inherited by someone more senior than me. I’m the eldest in the family, and the property is already going to the youngest. i’m moving out to a different location IRL.

The senior person in my dream is a church friend, someone my siblings, my mom and I know but not my father. Weirdly, this made sense to me in my dream.




I dreamt about a black man giving ne a reading, i remember that there were water in the cards, one card wirh a black shark of some sort. He was warning me of danger and not to take a trip. What does that mean?