Dream about white polar bear

Dream about White Polar Bear points to your need to restore yourself in some basic way. You are in a relaxed state in your relationship. You need to be more firm and forceful. Your dream symbolises where you came from and how you got to be where you are today. You are mourning.

White in your dream draws attention to your neutrality in some situation. You are feeling shut out or some activity or that you are being ignored. You need to reconsider some issue or situation before committing to it. The dream is a signal for a situation where you need to respond or act quickly. You are on the defensive about some issue in your life.

Polar dream represents the many difficulties that you are facing in your life. You are being pulled in opposite directions or you do not know which viewpoint is right. Someone is nagging you. The dream is a premonition for your negative actions. Perhaps the choices you are making are self-destructive.

Bear in this dream is a sign for destruction and unforeseen danger. You are having difficulties expressing some aspect of your emotion. You are taking drastic measures to get control of your destiny. This dream signals feelings of unworthiness and low self-esteem. You are exploring your limits and trying to awaken your fullest potential.

Dreaming of White and Polar and Bear

White and Polar is a portent for the notion that you are a follower. It is a time for exploration, self-reflection and introspection. You are plunging into something. This dream is an indication for your ability to create and mend things. You are experiencing some separation anxiety.

Dream About White Bear indicates mutual goals and teamwork. Perhaps, it is time to make a new start. You are set to move forward toward your goals. This dream expresses your desire to achieve spiritual perfection. You are content with where you are at in life.

Dream About Polar Bear is various components in your life that help to make up the overall scenario or big picture. You are aware of the power you have and may even be exploiting that power. You can adapt to various situations. This dream is a message for the beginning of something new things in your life. You will find success if you have the support of others.

Dream about White Polar Bear states new found awareness, insight and increased spirituality. You are covering up something. You will experience a positive turn in events. This dream suggests desires. You are looking for balance in your life.

Sometimes, dream about white polar bear denotes unfocused energy. You are beginning to let your guard down. You need to unload and let go some of your responsibilities as it is holding you back. The dream is a hint for a problem that you are overlooking. You have risen above your problems and overcame your barriers.

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