Dream about your crush liking your best friend

Dream about Your Crush Liking Your Best Friend means lurking danger, aggression and raw emotions. It is time to confront these suppressed issues. You are making a great personal sacrifice. The dream is a metaphor for emotional and sensual appetites. You feel that people are talking about you behind your back.

Dream about Your Crush Liking Your Best Friend indicates someone in your life who you idolize and who you thought was always so strong. You are self-assured in what you do. Perhaps you feel that you are being held back by past emotions or issues. Your dream symbolises spiritual healing and enlightenment. You are undergoing a positive transformation or elevating yourself to a new level.

Dreaming of Crush & Like & Best & Friend

Crush in your dream is a hint for a fear of reliving your childhood. You are still not ready for the change or that you are fighting against the change. You need to look out for yourself and your own interest. This dream is an indication for aspects of your own self that you are rejecting or refusing to acknowledge. You need to be more frugal and to conserve your resources.

Like in your dream refers to sickness and trouble. You need to look out for yourself and protect yourself from emotional or psychological harm. You need to confront the issue and stop relying on outside help. The dream draws attention to the pressure you are putting on yourself. You need to look at something from an entirely different angle or perspective.

Best in this dream is a premonition for untapped energy or health issues. You need to approach some situation more slowly. You need to lay things out specifically and do things in an orderly and sequential manner. This dream suggests your anxieties about your daily problems. You need to reevaluate and better manage your resources before your deplete them.

Friend in dream is a clue for a desire to fit in or be like someone else. You should look within yourself for the solution to a problem instead of relying on outside help. You need to get to the heart of some matter. The dream is a signal for feelings of being out of control. You are being sidetracked or distracted from achieving your goals.

Dream About Crush Liking Me is a portent for comfort and calmness. You are refusing to see the truth. There is balance in your life. This dream expresses your need for power and control. You are going through a new developmental phase in your life.

Dream About Best Friend is an evidence for aggression. You are enjoying life and reaping its rewards. You have uncovered some hidden talent and ability within yourself. This dream stands for your current relationship views or status. Your strength and power have been cut down to size.

Sometimes, dream about your crush liking your best friend points to someone in your life has characteristics similar to your sibling. You are holding onto something for too long. You may not be taking responsibility for your decisions. This dream is a message for negative forces that are drawing you towards a path of dishonor and ruin. You are ignoring the masculine aspect of yourself (if you are female) or the feminine aspect of yourself (if you are male).

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I dreamt of my crush romancing with my best friend

miss j

I dreamed about my crush liking my bestfriend and i support them and shipping each other, even though it’s hurt, and i didn’t hate my bestfriend either.

Hep em

I dreamed of my crush being flirty to my best friend on a video tape where he’s at her house. In the dream she knows I like them.


I dreamed about my crush being drunk and being annoyed to even look at me instead had all eyes for my best friend. She was smiling and trying to decline his feelings for her.


I dreamed about my best friend and my crush hugging each other and flirting with each other..

Miss unknown

I dreamed about my best friend and my crush doing it, while my best friend didn’t reject it.

Miss Anonymous

I dreamed of my crush whispering to my best friend.