Dream about bull ants

Dream about Bull Ants points to your need for intimacy and affection. You keep going even when others try to hold you back or tell you that you can’t do it. Perhaps you are attracted to someone around you and it is time to act on it. This dream suggests reflection, insight, intuition and mental powers. You are expressing a desire to know and understand these people on a deeper level.

Bull Ants is sometimes a transformation and a period of self discovery. There is something unsettling in your mind. You feel that you are being scrutinized. The dream suggests aggression, wildness, lust and untamed emotions. You are ready to create.

Dreaming of Bull and Ant

Bull in your dream states a need to reassure yourself or to offer reassurance to someone. He or she is trying to express himself or herself in the relationship. You are being acknowledged for your good deeds. Your dream points to your ability to take action quickly. You are emotionally and mentally strained.

Bull in this dream points to your reservation and hesitance in pursuing toward some path. You are receiving some message from your subconscious. You or someone has been impeached. Your dream suggests your need to be protected. Perhaps there is some talent or skill that you want to keep secret from others.

Ant in dream is about unresolved problems that need to be worked out with your friend or family. You are feeling inadequate or oppressed. You are shutting someone or something out of your life. The dream is an evidence for your anxieties about exercising a control. You are feeling helpless or powerless in some situation.

Ant dream is a metaphor for shelter from a stormy relationship or chaotic situation. You need to be mindful of other’s feelings. Perhaps you are expressing desires of blending in and not standing out. This dream points at some struggle or division within your social circle. You may be feeling overextended.

Dream about both “Bull” and “Ant” is a clue for a release of negative emotions that is more likely caused by some situation rather than the events of the dream itself. You are letting your guard down in a situation where you need to be more vigilant. You may be jeopardizing your health with your reckless behavior. This dream is an alert for filth, dirtiness, repulsiveness and death. Whatever you are doing or telling someone has no significant effect on him/her.

Dream about bull ants is shyness and reservation, especially in social situations. You are acknowledging your need for help. Your conscience is in inner turmoil. The dream denotes something that you are trying to process or digest. You need to be gentle in your approach to some situation.

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